Key words : Integrative taxonomy, Molecular phylogenetic, Morphology & Anatomy, Adaption to fossoriality,
Herpetology, Scincidae, Madagascar, Neotropics

Collaborators :
César Barrio-Amoros (Fundacion Andigena, Venezuela)
Salvador Carranza from the Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF, Spain)
Juan Carlos Chaparro-Auza from the Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco (Peru)
Pierre-André Crochet and Philippe Geniez from the Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (France)
Frank Glaw from the Zoologische Staatssammlung Munchen (Germany)
Micheal Harvey (Broward College, USA)
Joern Koehler from the Landes Museum of Darmstadt (Germany)
Johannes Mueller and Christy Hipsley from the Museum fur Naturkunde (Germany)
Jose Manuel Padial from the Department of Evolutionary Biology at the Uppsala University (Sweden)
Gilson Rivas from the Universidad del Zulia (Venezuela)
Walter Schargel from the University of Texas at Arlington (USA)
Dustin Siegel from S.E. Missouri State University (USA)
Miguel Vences from the Zoologische Institut at the Technische Universität Braunschweig (Germany)